Wednesday Night Womens League

Wednesday “Lady’s Night Out”


              Hello all, just a quick little reminder that league will be starting May 16.  Like we talked about in the meeting if you plan to purchase a punchcard or membership please stop out prior to that night to avoid the long lines and backup.  Also, we will start with a 6 pm shotgun so lets try our best not to show up at 5;55 and order drinks and pay for our rounds.   We would really like to be on the back porch at 5:45 ready to go.  I know that this is difficult for some of us but the ones that can be here lets take advantage of this so there is not so much waiting.  I am looking forward to another great season as I hope all of you are.  Any Question Please call me.  Thanks Paul       

  • Here is a list of teams:  
  • SCHWANS REC                                                          Bobbie Hegge
  • CHICKS N STICKS                                                     Vickie DeWalt
  • ILB ”PUTTS”                                                                Carrie Cole
  • HACK ATTACK                                                          Stacy Vikander
  • NATURAL HAZARDS                                               Jeanette Smith
  • PAR TEE GIRLS                                                          Cindy Barvels
  • PINK TEES                                                                   Elaine Scherbenski
  • PARTY OF FOUR                                                        Amy Frink
  • YOUNG GUNS                                                            Kristi Kreich
  • AFCU WEDGIES                                                        Ashley Brockhaus 
  • WATER BALLZ                                                        Katie Vogel 
  • GANG GREEN                                                             Kelly Fischer   
  • 3 DRUNKS AND A PREG CHICK                        Jordan Torigian